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Seat Surgery

I Know your limo has kept you nice and busy and you always keep on top of the servicing etc but have you looked at your seats recently ? 

If they are starting to show signs of wear or even have a few rips or nicks in them, this could effect if your customers will choose you again as if they are paying for a luxury limo they pretty much expect the soft leather seating they are going to be expecting to be nice, clean and comfortable. 

I realise your limo needs to be on the road so let us take the hassle out of repairing your seats. 

We send our driver to your door and collect the seats, bring them back to limospares HQ and let our team of amazing customising geniuses get to work on giving your seats some cosmetic surgery. 

Now this could mean a repair or re foam etc or we could totally transform them to a new more up to date design etc 

We can restore them so they look factory new as they came from Lincoln or we can put your own design on them, the choice is yours. 

We wil then return them back to you and all within a week to keep you on the road earning where your limo belongs ! 

If you would like us to remove your seats for you then for an extra charge we can send two of our technicians down rather than our driver to remove them for you and then the same when they return them for you. Keeping you on the phone or in front of the computer marketing your business. 

We can take care of any size seat and any colour whatsoever. 

If we need to match the material then we ask for a little sample from under the seat somewhere ( we can explain how to do this ) so we can make sure we have a good match ready for when your seats arrive for surgery. This will need to be done 10 days before we collect your seats in case we need to order the vinyl from the USA etc.


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