Limousine Parts


VERY IMPORTANT…….. Customers take for granted that your limo will be mechanically sound and arrive on time but the part of your service that keeps them coming back time after time and referring you to their friends and colleagues is the Wow Factor inside your limo ! 

As limos are virtually impossible to import now and also the Lincoln Towncar was stopped after 2009 we have been transforming the inside of limos of all shapes and sizes to keep them looking brand new inside. 

The sky really is the limit of the possibilities of what we can do inside your limo:- 

We can replace your carpet with a brand new super heavy duty rubber backed one that will make your limo look and smell like new again.

If your bar is looking a little dull we can brighten it up with new hidden lights for a stunning colour changing effect 
We can totally remove your original bar and custom build a state of the art new one and no matter how you would like it to look we will make that happen.

If adding some beamed effect lights like lasers would be all it would take to bring your limo bang upto date then this can be done either by us or we can send the lights with fitting instructions for you to take care of.

Our new ceilings are amazing, they are bright, clean and stunning when they colour change.

Seating is a massive part of the luxury feel of a limo so by re designing or just repairing the seats you already have gives the customer a feel of brand new luxury which is what they expect ! 

A combination of all of the above would make your limo the one your customers choose to use time after time and the moment they step in someone else’s vehicle they will realise why they prefer you ! 

Remember When a customer feels special they want that feeling again and again and when your limo makes them feel like a millionaire then this is the magic that makes your phone ring off the hook !


Limo Parts